Maintenance Engineering

Study and analysis of customer needseveloping a suit holding in accordance with the unique system life cycle stageThe consolidation of maintenance, maintenance policy change and maintenance proceduresCombining maintenance requirements, design tested it, test equipment requirements specificationProviding engineering technology solution your session focused cost-benefit considerationsWriting various solutions, specifications, maintenance requirements and different characteristics

Deployment projects

Transport management and development teams of multidisciplinary systems: ground, airborne and automated test stationsSystem engineering and delivery of complex electronic systems integrationExtensive experience in implementing solutions and cooperation with many relevant factorsDevelopment of FPGA-based RT systems and PC-based systemsPlanning and control process according to IT Project Management Methodology ProjectAccompanying the client and the end user the initial stages of characterization needs to absorb development and deployment of the system

Mid life upgrade

Establishment of advanced logistics systems at all levels of maintenanceLife Extension Mid - Life Upgrade electronic systemsPrograms and system solutions for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of knowledgeBuilding and upgrading testsManagement of maintenance crisis

Maintenance efficiency

Systematic maintenance assessment, implementing Lean corporate culture,  examinng LCC analysis of actual costs, rexamining the concept of maintenance analysis and reliability improvements

מתן פתרונות ייחודיים - we are everyhing but ordinary

מתן פתרונות ייחודיים - we are everyhing but ordinary

A boutique company whose directors are  experts in the fields of engineering,  maintenance and experienced in leading projects varied by different professional areas, such as: navigation, avionics,command and control and communications . The company provides and supports maintainability suits  throughout the systems' life cycle 

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  • Analyzing and assessment of system maintenance status

  • Deployment of complicated multi-systems

  • Suits maintenance Depending on the system life cycle formulation

  • Providing technical characteristics, system specifications and all other technical documents relevant

  • Designing and implementing organizational changes in accordance with streamlining process analysis

System solutions

Our added value

Improving availability

Improving system key performances

Reducing life cycle cost

End of life system solutions

Preserving company's key knowledge factors

Why choosing Marsys Solutions


we have many years of experience in the field of engineering and maintenance of multidisciplinary systems involving diverse contents of proffession.


successfully managing and supporting largescale projects in the field of system engineering and system maintenance.


Deployment of a targeted and accurate solution for a defined need , chosen and inhanced from a "solution matrix" consists of different engineering solutions implemented and fully tested in a short period of time


we focus in system maintenance


the solution that is chosen to suit the costomer according to the defined requirements and not bounded to any specific product

Saving costs

suggesting a variety of proven engineering low cost technological solutions

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